Well Child Care

Did you know regular well child visits are one of the most important things you can do to keep your child healthy? Preventive care promotes healthy growth and development. Well child visits also provide you with the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s health.

The components of a preventive well-child visit include the following:
(1) developmental/behavioral assessment; (2) physical examination, including measurement of growth; (3) screening tests and procedures; and (4) anticipatory guidance.

Your child should have a well child visit at the intervals listed below. We recommend that you call our office 3 months in advance to schedule an appointment with your child's primary care provider on the date and in the location that best fits your needs.

What you need to know when medical problems, both new or ongoing are addressed at the time of a 'Well Visit.'

An evaluation and management visit is a visit in which a physician or other qualified health care professional diagnoses and treats illness or injury which is either new or chronic.

If, during a preventive well child visit, an acute or chronic medical illness or injury is significantly addressed, you will be charged for both a preventive well-child visit AND an evaluation and management visit.  You will be responsible for any copay, deductible, or co-insurance charges that are typically assessed for evaluation and management visits.  You will see both visits charged to your insurance company.

Schedule of Visits

2-5 Day Visit
7-10 Day Visit
1 Month Visit
2 Month Visit
4 Month Visit
6 Month Visit
9 Month Visit
12 Month Visit
15 Month Visit
18 Month Visit
24 Month Visit
30 Month Visit
3 Year Visit
4 Year Visit
5 Year Visit
6 Year Visit
7 Year Visit
8 Year Visit
9 Year Visit
10 Year Visit
11 Year Visit
12 Year Visit
13 Year Visit
14 and 15 Year Visits
16 and 17 Year Visits
18 Year Visit and Beyond...