Howard County Pediatrics Expands Virtual Medicine Visits!

Update 4/30/2020


As part of the continued efforts to provide for the needs of our patients and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be utilizing a different telemedicine service to connect with patients for our Virtual Medicine Visits.  The service is called Mend and it will allow us to more efficiently schedule and complete our virtual visits.  Mend provides secure HIPPA compliant video-conferencing  so our doctors can see you and your child in your home, obtain an appropriate history, and evaluate specific physical exam findings to better determine appropriate medical advice and the need for additional interventions.

While Virtual Visits do not allow us to perform a complete and thorough physical examination, under the current conditions, these encounters will provide an opportunity to manage the medical needs of our patients without putting them at greater risk of germ exposure.  We will use the visits to help assess patients who have fever and/or respiratory symptoms along with visits for medication follow ups, rash assessment, pink eye, and specific consultations.  Virtual Visits are not meant to address issues that require testing, like strep throat and urinary tract infections.  These types of issues will have to be addressed via an in office visit when the circumstances are warranted.

Please contact the office for medical advice as you typically have done.  If our staff determines your needs would be best met using a Virtual Medicine Visit, then you will be scheduled with one of our available doctors.  After your appointment is scheduled you will receive an email and text confirmation from Mend with your appointment details and the direct link to use for your visit. Reminders are sent again 30 min prior to your appointment.  Mend will also provide a link to test whether your device (computer or mobile phone) has an optimal internet connection and access to camera and microphone.  PLEASE complete this test process BEFORE logging in for your appointment.  You do not need to download an app or software unless your device does not have an adequate internet connection.  


Starting May 4th, we will be offering Virtual Well Visits to complete our scheduled health supervision visits.  This is in keeping with the recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Check out the details here.

As with in office visits, we always try our best to be on time; however, specific patient needs may result in a delay in starting your visit.  Please stay connected on your browser and our physician will begin your visit as soon as possible.  We ask that you prepare for your visit beforehand by recording your child’s current weight and temperature just prior to the visit.  If there are specific areas of the skin to be examined, we ask that you take a photo before hand and load them onto the device you will be using to connect for the virtual visit. 

Virtual Medicine Visits will only occur during our regular office hours and are not intended for visits with our doctors when the office is closed.