Telephone Advice

In our ongoing effort to continue to provide the best care possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are continually adapting how we provide our services. As a result of current conditions, our physicians may spend additional time in responding to some of our daytime triage calls, during regular business hours. Depending on the length and content of the call, the exchange may be billed to insurance based on national medical coding guidelines. You may be responsible for some, or all of the associated insurance charge because of a co-pay, a deductible, or non-coverage. As always, we will not submit claims for calls made during office hours regarding medication refills, appointment requests, billing questions, etc.

We view this circumstance as a necessary response to an unusually tough situation. Given the current restrictive conditions, we are in a position where we need to deliver a greater complexity of medical care without being able to directely examine the patient.  When possible, we will utilize virtual medicine visits when face to face visits are not advised or practical.  If the situation does not allow for an effective virtual visit, then a more comprehensive phone conversation is often necessary to develop an appropriate plan of action. This challenge translates to more time on the phone and a greater number of decisions that affect your child’s treatment.

When calling the office, the extentions to the right are available to expedite your call to the correct location. Simply enter the extension after hearing the greeting message.
  • Phone: 410-992-9339
  • Fax: 410-964-5150

Office Categories


  • Nurse Triage/Phyician Messages
  • 501
  • Sick Appointment Scheduling
  • 502
  • Well Appointment Scheduling
  • 503
  • Referrals
  • 504
  • Billing
  • 505
  • Prescriptions Refills
Through the Patient Portal 
  • Prenatal Information
  • 507
  • Flu Shot Scheduling
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