Mental Health Services at HoCo Peds


Our practice provides "collaborative" mental health services at our office.  This means that our patients can receive services directly within our office, maintaining the familiar and comfortable environment they have come to know.   

Crossroads Psychological Associates, a longstanding quality provider of mental health services in Howard County assigns select mental health experts who will see our patients in our office.  These providers will diagnose and provide treatment for most psychiatric conditions. Based on the severity of the condition, our clinicians can provide medication management when appropriate.  

If you need diagnostic, treatment, or counseling services for mental health issues (e.g. anxiety, depression, OCD, ODD, ADHD, behavioral difficulties), then please contact Crossroads Psychological Associates at 410-964-0425, identify yourself as a patient of Howard County Pediatrics, and ask about having an appointment to be seen in our office. The specialists who will see patients in our office includes a psychiatric nurse practitioner who can prescribe and manage medications.  The pediatricians and nurse practitioners in our office can do initial ADHD evaluations and uncomplicated medication management; however, appointment availability is more limited compared to the access to our colleagues from Crossroads Psych Associates. 

Please note that Crossroads Psychological Associates are considered out of network with most insurance companies. Despite this, they will submit claims to your insurance as a courtesy. All scheduling and payment details will be handled directly through Crossroads. Importantly, while they are out of network, Crossroads offers flexible reimbursement arrangements to make their care as affordable as possible. Should your needs include more long-term care, then you may be asked to continue those appointments at the offices of Crossroads Psychological Associates in Columbia, MD.