What is CHADIS? (Log in Here)

CHADIS is a HIPPA compliant digital service with recommended and evidence based questionnaire/assessment tools designed to assist our doctors in promoting positive development in children. The tools our doctors utilize through CHADIS are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to assist primary care clinicians in the detection, treatment and prevention of mental, behavioral and developmental problems in children.

When you use the CHADIS website, you collaborate in your child's care by completing specific questionnaires about your child. The information our doctors obtain from the responses helps give us instant access to provisional diagnoses, clinical decision support, handouts, and community resources specific to your child. You will receive email notifications when age specific developmental surveys are due, and all information is securely transmitted to our clinical staff for evaluation. For specific types of concerns, you can invite caretakers, teachers, or other pertinent individuals to answer appropriate questions about your child's behavior. Their responses will also be secure and confidential, which can help improve the accuracy of the information being requested.

How CHADIS Helps You and Your Child

  • Allows your doctors to know of your developmental concerns prior to your appointment.
  • Helps your doctors to better track a child's development
  • Identifies health and safety risks
  • Helps catch developmental and psychiatric issues early, before they become more difficult to treat

When Do I Need to Log In and Complete a CHADIS Questionnaire?

You should receive an email notification when your child reaches a milestone age.  This may not correspond to when your child is scheduled for her/his well visit.   Please make every effort to complete this questionnaire 1 week prior to your  child's appointment so we can review the results before we see you. If you are  unable to complete the questionnaire prior to your child's appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early so you may complete it in our office.

How Do I Log In/Create an Account?

  • You can head directly to click on I Have an Invitation Code at the bottom over the page in the section "New To CHADIS". The invitation code is 4109929339.
  • If you have your account information and need to complete a questionnaire, head directly to CHADIS.
  • If you don't recall your account information, then go to the login screen and choose option to login without a password or request a password change.
Please call our office at 410-992-9339 if you are having difficulty with the login process.