After Hours

Our staff take emergency calls from their homes when the office is closed. If you have an urgent issue that cannot wait until our office re-opens, then call our emergency number at
and your message will be immediately forwarded to our on call personnel.  Please save routine questions (mild illness, appointments, prescription refills) for the next business day. We encourage you to refer to our website first, when practical, before calling the emergency number.

When a physician responds to a phone message after hours, the encounter may be billed to insurance based on the length and the content of the call.  This will typically occur when we need to be more comprehensive during phone conversations, and we cannot have the benefit of an in person visit to obtain information that will assist in diagnosis. This challenge translates to more time on the phone and a greater number of decisions that affect your child’s treatment. You may be responsible for some, or all of the associated insurance charge because of a co-pay, a deductible, or non-coverage. We will not submit claims for calls from parents regarding children from birth to 2 months of age.