Howard County Pediatrics, LLC - Important Announcement
Dear Valued Families,
We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. We are writing to inform you about an important matter concerning our current relationship with United Healthcare (UHC).
Howard County Pediatrics, LLC, has been working diligently to negotiate with United Healthcare regarding reimbursements for our services. While we have been striving to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, we must also be transparent with you about the possibility of changes in the near future.
As of the present moment, negotiations with United Healthcare are still ongoing. However, it is essential for you to be aware that there is a potential that we may no longer accept United Healthcare insurance plans by the end of this year. While we are doing everything in our power to continue serving you and your children with the highest quality care, we must also consider the financial aspects that impact our practice.
With the open enrollment period approaching, we kindly request that you carefully consider this information while making decisions about your healthcare coverage. Should there be any developments in our negotiations with United Healthcare, we will promptly update you.
We understand the importance of your healthcare choices and are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our patients. Our priority remains providing exceptional pediatric care and maintaining the trust you have placed in us.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our administrative staff. You’re understanding and support during this process are immensely appreciated.
Thank you for being part of the Howard County Pediatrics family, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with dedication and compassion.
The Providers and Management at Howard County Pediatrics, LLC
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