Howard County Pediatrics has seen many changes over the past 37 years. Our founding partner was Dr. Carole Parnes, who started seeing patients in Columbia in 1981. She opened her own office, behind Howard County General Hospital (HCGH), in 1984 and had a brief association with 2 others before Dr. Michael May joined her in July of 1989.

In February of 1990 the practice became the initial residents of the 1st floor of our current location, where the office space seemed more than sufficient for 2 physicians. The days of running across the back parking lot to the hospital,when called for emergency deliveries, was thankfully coming to an end, with the arrival of the neonatologists to HCGH.

The 1990's were notable for the addition to our staff of Dr. Erica Sibinga. Dr. Jennifer Crawford and Dr. Wendy Hurwitz. All were well-beloved, but Erica  left to pursue a more academic career track at Johns Hopkins and both Jennifer and Wendy needed to accompany their husbands as their own medical careers called them further south.

In 1997 we were blessed to have the addition of Dr. Wendell McKay and Dr. Rob Baldwin. Dr. McKay became a full partner but, unfortunately, after achieving full partner-ship, Dr. Baldwin needed to take an early retirement.

As the practice continued to grow, we added Dr. Patty Liszewski and Dr. Peggy Martin, who have performed well and consistently, on a part-time basis, for almost 20 years.

As our physician staff and patient numbers have grown, we incorporated the space next door, which  was originally Feldman's Pharmacy.

In the 1st decade of the 20th century, we added Dr. Susan Lee and Dr. Cathy Mailander, both of whom had gained out-patient experience here has part of their house-staff training. They both have become full partners.

As a bittersweet moment, we celebrated the well deserved retirement of our beloved founder, Dr. Carole Parnes, in 2012.  We are getting reminders of how much she is enjoying her retirement, and her vision and dedication are still integral parts of our practice today.

More recently, we gained the part-time services of 2 pediatricians, who had been working in the local emergency rooms, Dr. Sylvia Bank and Dr. Jennifer Moynihan.

The practice has seen numerous changes, as Howard County itself has grown and matured. We have been established long enough that we now enjoy the privilege of offering care to many of the next generation, as our original patients raise their own families. Through it all, we have worked towards the goal of providing consistent, up to date, and compassionate care to each of our patients and their families.