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RSV Immunization



We have received an initial supply of Beyfortus, a new single dose monoclonal antibody injection which offers protection against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). The CDC has published that the immunization is advised for ALL infants under age 8 months entering their first RSV season (birthday March 1, 2023 or later), and select children under age 19 months entering their second season (born betweeen Feb 28, 2022 and March 1, 2023).  The immunization should be given as part of the well visit and is safe to combine with any other recommended immunization, including COVID.  If your child does not have an upcoming well visit, then Beyfortus can be given as part of a short visit with one of our clinicians to allow time to exchange the appropriate information regarding the immunzation.  Please CALL THE OFFICE if you need to schedule an appointment to receive Beyfortus.
An unfortunate initial roadblock is that Insurance companies have not yet indicated that they will cover the cost of this recommended preventive therapy. The cost to receive the immunization is $550 and must be paid via credit card prior to your child receiving the immunization.  The cost may be doubled for older children (between 8 mo and 24 mo) who have certain risk factors. If and when your insurance provides reimbursement for Beyfortus, we will refund your credit card. The American Academy of Pediatrics is diligently working to speed up the process for insurance coverage and to encourage the government and insurance companies to work together to ensure equal access to the product in hospitals, birthing centers, and community physician offices.

Until insurance coverage is obtained, we encourage you to contact your insurance companies to encourage them to provide reimbursement for Beyfortus. 

Initial posting on 09/18/2023

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