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We are happy to announce the transition to our new OP Patient Portal by Intelichart.  Please view this video prior to registering.  It shows how to register and perform some of the common portal actions. 

For those existing patients who already had an active portal account, you should have received an email (one for each child) to activate your new HoCo Peds OP Portal by Intelichart.  The email(s) contained a unique PIN that is specific for your each child.  Simply follow link in the email to begin registration. If you do not have the email(s), then please call our office to get a new PIN.

Using the link in the email, you will first be asked to verify important contact info for yourself.  You will then see the name of your child and the assigned PIN from the email already populated in the appropriate spaces.  Once you have completed using the PIN for one child, you will be directed to use other PINs received for your other children (you will not have to go through a full registration for each child).

****If you are signing up without an email, but have been given a PIN, then please be sure to select the "A Child" button when asked for who the PIN was issued (the PIN ALWAYS applies to a patient, not a parent)*****

See REGISTRATION WITH A PIN for an illustration of the process along with an overview of how the portal will appear.

If you are new to the practice and registering for the portal without a PIN. The process is still simple.  You can go directly to the portal login page and select the option "Let's Get Started" on the right hand side. 

See Portal Registration Without a PIN for an illustration of the process for new patients along with an overview of how the portal will appear.

When accessing the Portal via the link in the Parent Toolkit section of the website, you may have to refresh your browser to clear your cookies so your browser will then accurately point to the new portal login page.


If you need more immediate assistance to create/activate your portal account (e.g. in order to request an urgent medication refill), then please call our office for assistance.

We will soon be activating patient self scheduling, for certain limited appointments, to allow easier access to making your child's appointments.  Also, the new portal allows you to attach files (photos or documents) to your secure portal message for our staff and doctors to see. This is particularly helpful for virtual visits for rashes or mouth/throat lesions.

See the portal announcement below for more details. Use the QR codes to access the portal login or to download the handy portal app to use on your smart device.


(Originally created 09/28/2020)
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