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Formula Shortage


The recent formula recall, in conjunction with supply chain issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, is negatively affecting many of our families.  Though it is important for our infants to receive adequate nutrition, available formula needs to be given exactly as instructed on the package. Attempts to dilute the formula to extend the supply or giving solid food to an infant too early can have very dangerous consequences.  We also urge you NOT to attempt to make infant formula at home from a recipe.

Please see the important information below to help know what to do if you find yourself without enough formula to feed your baby.

What to Do If You Can't Find Formula 
FDA: Formula Dos and Don'ts 
Dept of Health and Human Services Fact Sheet for Finding Infant Formula
WIC Formula Substitutes

We expect the current urgent formula shortage to be corrected soon, as the FDA and manufacturers are working together to help increase production and availability of all infant formulas. Please contact us via the patient portal during regular office hours if you need additional advice.  Please remember to always call the office for urgent issues as messages on the patient portal are not routinely checked when the office is closed.
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