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Flu News 2023


In order to best manage our flu vaccine supply, we are continuing to offer appointments for flu shots one week at a time.  

Every Wednesday around 1:30 pm, we are continuing to open additional future flu clinics for self-scheduling.  If you log onto the patient portal and do not see any available times, then  we are booked up for the upcoming week.  You will need to log into the portal on following Wednesday to check for newly opened appointment times.  Please do not call our office inquiring about additional flu clinic times.

For those patients who are coming to the office for appointments, parents may call or message to inquire about bringing extra siblings to the visit, to receive a flu vaccine.

**Flu clinic appointments will only be available via self-scheduling through our Patient Portal.  If you need to activate your portal account to start self-scheduling, then call our office to get your child's PIN to complete the registration.  Once on the portal, you can provide your email address so that you may receive notification of appointment availability and other important office related events. 

To make all of your office visits as efficient as possible, we encourage you to register here with Instamed to view and pay your bill online. With curbside remote check-in, you can receive a link directly via text message to resolve your visit copay when you arrive in the parking lot, before you even enter the office. This can help speed up your appointment and help in our efforts to optimize social distancing during your visit to our office.
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