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Updated COVID Vaccine

We are now offering the updated Pfizer COVID vaccine for our patients under 3 years of age.  Because local pharmacies will give the vaccine to patients 3 and older and due to inventory factors, we need to focus our supply on the youngest patients who do not have an option of getting the COVID vaccine elsewhere.  We are not currently getting any Moderna vaccine.

We are giving the COVID vaccine along with all other routine immunizations during well visits.  If your child under 3 years of age does not have an upcoming well visit, then call the office and schedule a nurse visit to receive the vaccine.

If your child has received 2 or more doses of any COVID vaccine in the past, then they only need 1 booster dose (at least 8 week from any previous dose).

If your child has received 1 prior dose of any COVID vaccine, then they will need 1 dose of the updated booster >3 weeks after the last COVID vaccine AND a 2nd dose of updated COVID at least 8 weeks after the 1st updated dose.

If your child has never received a COVID vaccine, then s/he will need 3 doses total over 12 weeks.

Insurance companies have not notified us yet that they will cover the cost of the COVID vaccine.  Therefore, parents will be charged $75 via credit card prior to their child receiving the updated COVID vaccine.  If and when your insurance company provides reimbursement for the vaccine, we will credit the charge back to your credit card.

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