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COVID Test To Treat

Patients with certain chronic medical conditions, who test positive for COVID-19, are able to receive appropriate therapies to help reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 infection. The treatments need to be initiated by 5 to 7 days of symptom onset to be effective. 

If you need to be tested for COVID (or you already have a positive test) and are seeking details about treatment options, then you have several options for care.  The
Test to Treat Locator can identify nearby clinical centers that will test for COVID and/or provide an assessment to determine if a person is eligible to receive treatment. The various anti-COVID treatment therapies, available under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), are indicated for individuals with chronic medical conditions that are associated with a greater risk of severe COVID disease.  The Test To Treat Centers will also be able to prescribe, and in most cases dispense, the oral medication Paxlovid, which is currently approved for high risk individuals 12 years and older. The Test to Treat center can also make an appropriate clinician referral for treatment via monoclonal antibody if that is determined to be the best course of action.

For those who have already tested positive, our practice has a limited number of virtual appointments to determine if patients are eligible for treatment (i.e. have appropriate high risk chronic conditions). The process involves a complete review of medical history, evaluation of list of all meds and supplements, and discussion of detailed risks and benefits of treatment.  If a patient is deemed eligible, then we can provide a prescription for Paxlovid for filling at a local pharmacy.  Please call our office if you wish to schedule a virtual  appointment for COVID medication review with one of our physicians (limited number of appointments per day).
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